Tales of the Cocktail 2022

After doing a very abbreviated version of Tales in 2018, we’ve been anxious to get back and check it out properly. Since this seems to be our summer of “DO ALL THE THINGS,” we are headed south to experience a full week of Tales of the Cocktail.

Here’s how the schedule is shaping up so far – and I know there are some things missing from this calendar! It’s so hard to indicate which things are set times vs. which are more of an open house. I’ve tried to color code it but honestly, it looks like someone threw up their Mardi Gras King Cake all over my calendar.

Also, I am bringing a TON of homemade cocktail candy with me. Please find me and eat my candy because I don’t want to haul it home. The cocktail candy project started as a thank you gift to local bartenders and has taken on a life of its own (which for a new section of the website soon!). For Tales, I went so far overboard that I can’t even see the boat anymore.

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