Tales of the FOMO

Or as they call it in New Orleans, FeauxMeaux.

Most people hope to see a second line when they visit New Orleans, unfortunately, I saw one before leaving for the airport.

Image showing a home Covid test with a second line, indicating a positive result.

I’m not going to lie – there was a tiny part of me that tried to rationalize the idea of going anyway.

“Most people there will be vaccinated!”

“Everyone there will probably get it from someone, they won’t know it was me.”

Obviously, I didn’t get on the plane. I can’t say I want to teach people how to be a good customer and then turn around and expose an entire industry of people I care about to Covid, even if ba.5 is lurking around every corner. But it sucks.

I spent the whole week making and posting about the amazing cocktail candy I was planning to bring with me. My suitcases were packed. Our hotel notified us that our room had been upgraded. The dress I bought for the Spirited Awards came back from the tailor looking better than ever. I even got my second booster shot and timed it to be at peak immunity while in New Orleans. But apparently I timed it poorly because after avoiding it for over two years, Covid.

As disappointed as I am to be writing this from my patio in Minnesota instead of a hotel room in New Orleans, I recognize that missing out on this one event is peanuts compared to what the hospitality industry has been put through during this pandemic. I am reminded that just like my immune system, the world is not out of the woods yet – we are still in an active pandemic. There may be more shutdowns, there will be more closures, and people are still getting sick.

So here I am, enjoying an antiviral cocktail at home instead of a Sazerac in New Orleans. But I’m thankful to be on the mend and I’m thankful to have lots of other upcoming adventures to focus on. And I’m optimistic that we’ll all keep fighting so there’s another Tales of the Cocktail next year.

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