It’s Summer Passport Time! 134 drinks for $10!??!?

Hey, remember a few months ago when I posted about the Winter Passport cocktail program and how it was a really great deal – and a stupidly great deal with a promo code? GUESS WHAT IT’S SUMMER PASSPORT TIME!
It’s bigger, it’s better, it contains an ad for the USBGMSP, and there’s a pick-up party at the Hewing next Tuesday! (That I can’t go to because I’ll be filling my head with Excel but you should go and say hi to Patrick who will be saying nice things about USBGMSP.)
And there’s even another Promo Code because you know me and I know Zach so use CHEERSZACH and get your passport for only $10. $10 for 2-for-1 deals on beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee at 67(!) spots in the Twin Cities.

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