October 2018 Bar Stats

I’ve now been tracking my bar visits in my Bullet Journal for a full year! I’ve also started a spreadsheet so I can run more stats on my bar habits, because I like data. Chris has actually nudged me into learning Python in the hopes of really upping my data analytics game. I hear these things are useful for non-drinking related information as well…but where’s the fun in that?

My October 2018 bar tracking page. The general rule is that I count any bar, restaurant, or event where I had an alcoholic beverage. 
chart (1)
October 2018 pie chart of bar visits. Mmm…pie. A lot of these visits were for Iron Bartender promos. By the way, the finals are this Sunday, November 4th. You should be there. 
Bar Chart
My Bar Bar Chart. Heh. I’m having a hard time explaining “Individual Bars” but basically, it’s a count of unique bars – whether or not we visited them more than once. I wanted to know how many *different* bars we went to, because we’re regulars at quite a few places.

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