October 2018 Bar Stats

I’ve now been tracking my bar visits in my Bullet Journal for a full year! I’ve also started a spreadsheet so I can run more stats on my bar habits, because I like data. Chris has actually nudged me into learning Python in the hopes of really upping my data analytics game. I hear these things are useful for non-drinking related information as well…but where’s the fun in that?

My October 2018 bar tracking page. The general rule is that I count any bar, restaurant, or event where I had an alcoholic beverage. 
October 2018 pie chart of bar visits. Mmm…pie. A lot of these visits were for Iron Bartender promos. By the way, the finals are this Sunday, November 4th. You should be there. 
My Bar Bar Chart. Heh. I’m having a hard time explaining “Individual Bars” but basically, it’s a count of unique bars – whether or not we visited them more than once. I wanted to know how many *different* bars we went to, because we’re regulars at quite a few places.

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