Travel Maps

Google Maps have become a vital tool for us when planning trip, keeping track of recommendations, and remembering where we’ve been. I’m working on revamping the map organization so they may be in various states of (still useful) disarray for the moment.

Our general goal is to have each map be organized into four layers:

  1. Bars and Restaurants that we’ve visited and either returned to or hope to visit again. (Indicated in Green.)
  2. Bars and Restaurants that we’ve visited and liked, and may or may not visit again. Sometimes we get the experience we want from a single visit and just don’t feel the need to return unless there’s a big change. (Indicated in Blue.)
  3. Bars and Restaurants that have been recommended to us but we haven’t visited yet. (Indicated in Black.)
  4. Other things we’ve enjoyed in the area. (Indicated in Purple.)

Places We’ve Been:

Places We’re Going:

Where should we go next?