Organizing the Beer Cellar

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Mr. Drinker and I just bought a house and moved in together full time and that means combining finances, lives, Google calendars, and (most importantly) beer cellars. And since my motto seems to be “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVER doing,” I made a spreadsheet inventory of the beer cellar and then went on to add a page of statistics. That’s totally normal, right?


A few of the more “interesting” factoids:

  • FullSizeRender (4)We have a combined 134 beers in our cellar. (There are two more boxes of “Drink Soon” beers that I’m not counting, and another crate of homebrew not yet cataloged.) 64 of those came from my apartment and 70 of them came from his house.
  • The most popular style of beer is Imperial Stout with 41 bottles of 18 different stouts. Second most popular is Barleywine, with 14 bottles of 7 different beers. I’d say this is skewed by the fact that these beers cellar best – but it’s actually a pretty accurate reflection of my beer preferences.
  • The most popular brewery is Surly with 27 bottles of 13 different beers. Runner up is Boulevard with 7 bottles of 6 different beers.
  • The oldest beer in the cellar is an Oak Brackett from White Winter. Chris got that in 2000.

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