Drink for a Cause: $10 Tie Sale @DuNordCS

When local bars/tap rooms/cocktail rooms team up with good causes, everyone wins. The establishment gets business, an organization makes some needed funds, and you get to tell your boss you were at a fundraiser (which sounds way better than “I was at the bar all night!).

TiesThis particular event has the added benefit of adding a bit of flair to your wardrobe! The $10 Tie Sale is an event to raise money for the GLBT Host Home Program. Over one hundred ties have been donated, vintage and new, and all the money goes directly to the Host Home program. While you’re shopping, you can enjoy one of the many DuNord cocktails, including a special drink just for this event.

Tuesday, October 13th | 7pm-9pm | DuNord Craft Spirits, 2610 E 32nd St, Minneapolis

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