All quiet on the Irish front.

Not much to report today. We travelled from Galway to Fossa via Dunratty Castle, Adare, and Killarney. The castle and attached folk park was nice. The tour guide was enthusiastic, funny, and knowledgable. Having an enthusiastic guide really makes things more fun.

Both Adare and Killarney were cute towns but mostly just shop after shop of the same stuff. It’s hard to get excited about an Irish wool scarf when you’ve seen the same one in a dozen shops in multiple towns. Yes, they say “made in Ireland” but I have to wonder, by whom? Or by what?
We’re spending tonight and tomorrow at a lovely country inn just off a lake. After two nights of city noise, tonight we’re more likely to hear moos. They served us a beautiful dinner, though I was a little disappointed by the beer list. Heineken on tap, Coors and Budweiser in bottles. I had wine.
Tomorrow we tour the Ring of Kerry, Muck Ross gardens, and then have a “traditional Irish evening.” I’m a little skeptical about how traditional it’s really likely to be, but I guess if I think of it as an “Ireland Theme Park,” as it was described by someone at the bar last night, then it should be okay. 
But if THEY don’t at least have Guinness, I will be starting a riot.
P.S. I have no way to transfer my many photos off cameras onto my new iPad mini so sorry these are so text heavy. Trying to take a few photos with my phone and uplad those to break the monotony.

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