MSP Bar Data

Chris and I have collected data on our personal bar outings since 2018 and it’s been a fun project. When chatting with some friends at a Scotch tasting party, someone suggested we add more categories to our tracking to help others find bars they might enjoy. What started with “I want to know if places have a fireplace or a patio!” has turned into a 40+ question list. Covering things like accessibility, parking, N/A options, and food, we’ve tried to break down the info into the simplest yes/no questions possible.

At the moment, all this data is going into a fairly large and hard to read spreadsheet – but part of why we’re using multiple yes/no questions to get simple answers is so that I might be able to use this data to practice my newly acquired Data Visualization and Analytics skills. I don’t know yet what the final form of this will be, but it’s a fun project and I need the practice!

Click here to see the data we’ve got so far. X=Yes, O=No, Gray=No Data. You can set up temporary filters to search the individual columns.

Click here to help us fill in more data for more bars! We get out a lot, but we can’t get everywhere.