Updates, Ads, and More

Update: World’s 50 Best Bars released their 2023 list! My spreadsheet is updated (still working on all the stats) with a few changes – the order of the years is reversed for better readability on mobile. I’ve also added a tab with a list of every bar that has ever been on the list and some bar specific statistics. If anyone knows of a good platform to get this list better embedded on a website while keeping searchability, please let me know.

Ads: Yes, there are ads here now. I hate them and am continuing to tweak and make them less obnoxious – but I really don’t want to go back to a desk job so I gotta make some pennies. Sorry y’all, hopefully I’ll find a better long term solution. (If you find my data useful, consider contributing to these efforts!)

More: New York trip report is in progress, Barcelona & Scotland trip is coming soon, and watch for big map updates!

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