Updates and a new project

After neglecting this site for most of a year, thanks to my decision to complete a certificate in Data Visualization and Analytics, I’m back and trying to give things a bit of a makeover.

I’ve added a Maps page – you’ll find maps for several of our trips coded to tell you places we liked, places we loved, and places that were recommended but we haven’t been yet. Eventually I’ll get lists posted for each location, but for now just feel free to click around on the Google Maps!

Also in the works is a Bar Data project. We’ve been tracking our bar visits for a couple of years now and a friend suggested we add some more info to make it useful for people trying to find a new bar to try. It’s in the early stages and we definitely need help getting more data, but even now we’ve got info on food, drinks, accessibility, amenities, parking, and more! I’m hoping to use this data to practice the skills I learning in the previously mentioned data boot camp so I’m not yet sure what the end product will look like – but I think it’s already useful.

Frodo doesn’t
think data analytics
are that hard.

2019 was a busy year but we still got a number of trips in, like Montreal, Washington DC, and a family trip to London. I became President of the local chapter of the United States Bartenders’ guild and we hosted the USBG Midwest Regional Conference. I earned the aforementioned certificate after an intense six month boot camp, fell in love with bike commuting, and turned 40. 2020 is sure to build on all the fun and learning of 2019 in amazing ways so stay tuned!

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