Two days and counting!

I'm officially freaking out about getting packed and ready to go. I also feel like everytime I look around, I find more bars and breweries I want to check out and I simply won't have the time to get to them all!
The following are food and drink places I am almost certainly going to visit:
The following are other breweries and places that sound interesting:
  • London, The Kernel
  • London, Weird Beard Brewing
  • Cardiff, Brains Brewing
  • Kildare, Trouble Brewing
  • More coming…
Part of the problem is since a chunk of the trip is a bus tour (NOT my preferred travel method!) and I'm with my Mom (not a beer drinker), I will have limited time to explore on my own. And I'm not sure exactly where we'll be stopping for lunch each day. I'd certainly prefer a little more flexibility BUT I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to travel with my Mom.
If any Irish, English, or Welsh breweries happen to read this – I am still looking for suggestions! I'll try to post a map of where I'll be. ALSO I AM HAPPY TO BRING BEER TO TRADE! I'd LOVE to bring over some beer from the Minnesota craft brewing renaissance to share with you!!

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