Spirited Confections, coming soon!

When I first started making cocktail candy gift boxes, I never expected to get to this point – it was just for fun. Now I’m taking steps towards a retail license with dreams of being able to do larger custom orders.

Why Orange Tape Candy Company? It’s an, admittedly obscure, reference to a place that inspired my love of hospitality, the people who built up my confidence with their kindness (and ate all my early candy trials, no matter how ugly), and the door behind which Chris and I signed our marriage license.

Wine bottle filled with batched cocktail. The bottle has a label made of orange tape and says SAVVY.

This is a bottle of Savvy B, a cocktail that was served by a couple of our favorite bartenders at our wedding in 2017. I imagine it’s undrinkable by now, but we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it.

This whole candy project has always been a love letter to the hospitality industry, so it feels right to use a reference to the bar where that love affair started.

Licensing is in progress and I hope to have a small retail selection available by the end of March 2023 – so stay tuned by joining our mailing list!

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