It’s Summer Passport Time! 134 drinks for $10!??!?

Hey, remember a few months ago when I posted about the Winter Passport cocktail program and how it was a really great deal - and a stupidly great deal with a promo code? GUESS WHAT IT'S SUMMER PASSPORT TIME!   It's bigger, it's better, it contains an ad for the USBGMSP, and there's a pick-up … Continue reading It’s Summer Passport Time! 134 drinks for $10!??!?

Booze for History Buffs

A couple of years ago, Summit Brewing and the Minneapolis Institute of Art teamed up and made a Tudor Ale for a special event at the museum. I was lucky enough to make it to the Summit taproom while they still had some and it was delicious and fascinating! I remember thinking it was a … Continue reading Booze for History Buffs

New Orleans & a Taste of Tales

New Orleans - July 2018 (I’ll be splitting this trip into two posts - this one is about my personal experience and the next will a more traditional list of people, places, and things.) A few months ago, my husband’s company announced that they would be having a work meeting in New Orleans in July. … Continue reading New Orleans & a Taste of Tales